About our Homeschool Family

This is Child-of-Mine's homeschooling blog. Here she'll share what she's learned and experienced with her sister, mama and granddad.
CoM is a very gifted learner and is working ahead in some areas, catching up in others. Currently, CoM is working on a unit study on space, putting together a lapbook, and copyworking Bible verses that talk about God and the heavens, the stars and creation. She is studying scientists and astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo, and how the sailors used the stars to navigate.
After this, CoM will be studying anatomy and godly characteristics. We'll be studying the Fruit of the Spirit and what it means to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, how we are to treat one another, and how our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health are all related. We'll learn what it means to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man.
Our choice to homeschool was not entirely a Spirit-led decision. CoM needs a visit to the Ear, Nose & Throat to see about having her tonsils removed or what other treatment options are available for a chronic sore throat. Little Bit has seizures and a developmental delay due to being born preemie - so needs to awaken on her own in the mornings.
It was with the public school system's support that we made the decision to homeschool. It has since been confirmed through friends' advice, faith, and much prayer that this is the proper course for our family. Please pray for our family and we'll pray for yours as we embark and continue on this journey together.

Enjoy CoM's updates and her perspective (feel free to ask her what "perspective" means!) in learning.